Why TBD Care?

TBD Care brings together a wide range of expertise and competencies that have been established with several leading companies and brands in the field of healthcare services, and now come together under one umbrella to create their own icon in healthcare field, so that these experiences move forward fully believing that human life is not just a trade exploit to gain a profit, but simply a life for it loved ones.
Also, we are fully aware of the pressures and obstacles to follow up and manage medical expenses especially with regard to employers, which made us, with the full support of our expertise, build an integrated and easy-to-understand map to obtain the best possible benefits in the field of healthcare.

Why We are difrent?

Cloud-Based System

A system was designed to help you manage your claims as well as your health, as a fully functional loaded cloud-based system which encompasses all operations of a Third-Party Administrator

Next Level Cost Control

We totally understand that excessive or inappropriate medical treatment can be potentially detrimental to patients as well as costly for individuals and employers alike, 


We offer round the clock efficient client support to take the necessary actions anytime anywhere. As medical emergency could happen to you or your family at any time (we hope not). We will be prepared to help you to know what to do,

Second Opinion

Our clients can have a second medical opinion with no extra cost added, as we provide all our members with an access to a global standard service from our medical team that offers a review of their diagnosis by a medical expert in the exact field. Learn more….

Better Member & Provider Experience

To ensure the quality of services and obtain the greatest possible benefit, we provide educational materials and explanations that facilitate understanding of the complex health system map whether for our members or providers.

Trial Period

To ensure the best possible services, we can offer up to 90 days free trail of services without any additional fees, from the agreement day one, in order to verify the quality of the services provided by us with the possibility of terminating the agreement during this period,

Patient Privacy

We categorically understand the importance and sensitivity of patient data and strive to ensure that it is not circulated or accessed out of respect for privacy., so please be sure that you are in safe hands.

Wide Ranged Network

A wide ranged network wherever you go.
Our network of health providers includes trusted hospitals, clinics, doctors, and pharmacies locally and internationally

Mobile App

Making life simpler with TBD Care app. Members can use the secure portal or our pioneering TBD Care app to submit claims and view their policy information, anytime, anywhere.

Your Health Starts Here

24/7 Client support

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Driving transformation in healthcare provision

As we are listening to our clients’ feedback; we continuously learn and act to improve the experience we provide.

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