Wide-Ranged Network Wherever You Are.

Our network of health providers includes trusted hospitals, clinics, doctors, and pharmacies locally and internationally. We strive to seek the best possible medical treatment solutions for our clients, whilst negotiating fair discount policies with our network of health providers to ensure that our clients obtain the best value possible, either by direct billing agreements or prepayment of treatment plans, with prompt and rapid handling of emergencies.

We are not restricted to any exclusive medical provider network arrangements. This strategy allows us to harness the combination of networks and the most appropriate means of access, to meet the needs of each client in terms of cost containment and customer service. It also means that our clients are free to select their preferred medical providers (subject to the wishes of our clients and international organizations in relation to their members).

Direct billing Agreements.

One of the major advantages when it comes to our providers network that you don’t have to pay for hospital and medical fees up front (except for benefits with co-payments).

Provider services unit.

We recognize that strong health provider relationships are essential to the ongoing delivery of effective cost containment and efficient client service. For this reason, our Provider Services Team is in regular contact with our medical network worldwide, also territory visits are often made by the Provider Affairs Team to reinforce these important relationships.



Driving transformation in healthcare provision

As we are listening to our clients’ feedback; we continuously learn and act to improve the experience we provide.

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