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Provider Frequently Asked

How to pre-authorize a member's treatment?

Our pre-authorization processes as fallow:

  1. Contact our 24/7 Medical Team who will confirm eligibility.
  2. They will issue you with a pre-authorization letter.

Please make sure you have the member’s details in hand including name, date of birth, details of symptoms, diagnosis, procedure, estimated cost, and planned admission date. Treatment can be pre-authorized immediately by calling our Medical Team. If you prefer to email your query, we will respond within 24 hours maximum.

You should always pre-authorize the following procedures or treatments:

  • All in-patient or day case treatment
  • All out-patient surgery
  • MRI, CT or PET scans
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment


Download a pre-authorization form.

How to submit a provider claim?

For pre-authorized treatment, you do not need to complete a claim form.

On discharge of a member, and where treatment has been pre-authorized, simply send in your pre-authorization letter, your supportive documents, and invoice.

When to submit a provider claim form?

Where treatment has not been pre-authorized you will need to complete a claim form.

If you are a Libyan provider submit this along with the invoices to the address below.

Al-Shat Road – Sooq Al-juma -Tripoli – Libya

If you are not a Libyan provider, please submit the invoice by email, Or through our E-Health Services via your access.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that payment will be made in full when treatment has not been pre-authorized by us.

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