Making life simpler with TBD Care app.

We are committed to expanding our digital solutions to make life easier, and safer for our partners, clients, and members. Managers can use the online services to manage their group schemes or run membership reports filtered. Members can use the secure portal or our pioneering TBD Care app to submit claims and view their policy information, anytime, anywhere.

Your Healthcare is One Finger tip Away.

  1. Submit your claims. You can directly use your smartphone camera to take a picture of the supporting documents or upload a document already saved on your smartphone. Service only available to subscribed members benefiting from the remote data exchange system online (Members’ login or TBD Care Mobile App);
  2. Check your claims. View your claims statements updated moment by moment, with details of the date of payment, the type of treatment and the amount of your claims and receive automatic notifications to keep you updated.
  3. Provider finder: Find healthcare providers on our medical network via search criteria or directly based on your location wherever you are.
  4. Second medical opinion services: with no extra cost added, as we provide all our members with an access to a global standard service from our medical team that offers a review of their diagnosis by a medical expert in the exact field.
  5. Medical library and news feed: read our comprehensive guide showing the common drugs and diseases, with a customized health notification to be provided based on your preferences, to help you manage your health and wellness.
  6. Membership card: access your personalized Membership card/Policy certificate and that of each of your family members at anytime and anywhere.
  7. Health records: save medical information for you and your family members to always have it in your pocket.

Driving transformation in healthcare provision

As we are listening to our clients’ feedback; we continuously learn and act to improve the experience we provide.

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