Third-Party Administration 

TBD Care is highly experienced with provides third-party administration services to Insurance companies and self-funded groups with a highly experienced team able to handle any issue through an advanced working style.

  1. Some and not all advantages of our third-party administration services:
    Cutting edge cloud-based software to make all benefits’ information available to members, employers, and providers in real time, always.
    Approvals and claims processing procedures that are fast and efficient and are managed by a team of a leading experts in feild.
    Experts to assist our clients in developing healthcare benefits plans which are suitable for their needs locally or internationally.
    A multilingual claim processing team, which is available on a 24/7 to support our clients and aid members round the clock.
    The flexibility to tailor-make our services for the demands of each client and pride ourselves in going out of our way to assist our members to obtain the best possible medical care worldwide.

Driving transformation in healthcare provision

As we are listening to our clients’ feedback; we continuously learn and act to improve the experience we provide.

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