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TBD E-Health Services.

TBD E- Services was designed to help you manage your claims as well as your health, as a fully functional loaded cloud-based system which encompasses all operations of a Third-Party Administrator and health claims. It covers all activities of the organization from policy setup, member management, claims processing, providers and network management and more.


With TBD E-Health You can:

  • Access your Policy documents and TOB.
  • Submit and fallow up with your claims online
  • Explore your cover, limits and any terms and conditions that may apply
  • Access digital tools and services to help you manage your health and wellness

Haven’t you tried TBD E-Health Services yet? Now’s the time.

Login to TBD E-Health Services online or download the TBD Care App to access your cover on the go.

Access to our E-Health Services

Welcome to TBD E-Health Services. We strive to employ modern digital technology to provide the greatest possible benefit to simplify and facilitate the complex health system. By logging in, you will be able to review, check and amend all information that pertains to you or your family, and employers will be able to add, cancel, and amend subscribers on their side. Service providers can claim their bills and obtain pre-approval through this digital portal.
If you are having difficulty logging in, please email us at: client.services@tbdcare.com or via the toll-free number: 0800 150 150.

Member Access

  • Submit Claims.
  • View Claims
  • Check policy information
  • More…

Provider Access

  • Submit Claims
  • Submit Pre-authorization.
  • Check Plan Details.
  • More…

Employer Access

  • Check Members Details.
  • Add Delete & adjust members.
  • Financial States.
  • Mor…

Making life simpler with TBD Care app.

We are committed to expanding our digital solutions to make life easier, and safer for our partners, clients, and members. Managers can use the online services to manage their group schemes or run membership reports filtered. Members can use the secure portal or our pioneering TBD Care app to submit claims and view their policy information, anytime, anywhere.

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