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Policy information management.

How can I change or adjust personal information including my home address, email address, and/or phone number that TBD Care hold in record for my policy?

you can easily update your personal or contact information such as home or business address, email address or phone number via TBD Care App and tap on “Manage Account” to change your personal details. Or Simply login via our website

 It is very important to keep your details updated to help us keeping in contact with you.

How to add new family member to my policy?

Individual plan

You may apply to include any of your family members on your policy by completing the relevant application form and submitting it to:     

However, we will accept newborn infants for cover (with the exception of multiple birth babies, adopted and fostered babies) from birth without medical underwriting, provided that we are notified within four weeks of the date of birth and the birth parent or intended parent (in the case of surrogacy) has been covered with us.

To notify us of your intention to have your newborn child included on your policy, please email your request with a copy of the birth certificate to our Group Admin Team at:     

Employer or Group scheme

You may apply to include any of your family members as a dependent if you can do so under the agreement between your company and TBD Care. Notification to add a dependent must be made through your company unless otherwise stated.

If the dependent is a newborn infant, he/she (except multiple birth babies, adopted and fostered children) will be accepted for cover from birth without underwriting, if we are notified within four weeks of the date of birth and the birth parent or intended parent (in the case of surrogacy) has been covered with us. To have a newborn added to the policy, you must ask your company to submit a request in writing, including a copy of the birth certificate and send it by email to our Group Admin Team at:

How can I get treated if I or one of my family members lost his card?

Simply access your mobile application or login via member area access to export a PDF version of your Policy certificate which will include all the needed information for you and your family members, as you can use it the same as your health card till we issue a new one instead as of receiving a notice.

Can I keep benefiting from TBD Care services when the agreement with my company come to an end?

If your cover under the Company Agreement terminated/finished, you can apply for cover under our Healthcare Plans for Individuals and Families, by simply sending us an email to

You need to submit your application within one month of leaving the group scheme. As we accept your application, Care plan cover will start on the first day after you leave the group scheme.

Care Plan Cover queries.

Which countries my care plan covers?

You can receive the required treatment in any country within your area of cover, as shown in your Policy Certificate.

If the treatment you need is available locally, but you choose to travel to another country in your area of cover, we will reimburse all eligible medical costs incurred within the terms of your policy, except for your travel expenses.

If the required treatment is not available locally, and your cover includes “Medical evacuation”, we will also cover travel costs to the nearest suitable medical facility. To claim for medical and travel expenses incurred in these circumstances, you will need to contact and confirm with your employer before travelling.

You can access your Policy Certificate Form via TBD Care App click on “My Policy” and select the “PDF Policy Certificate”. Or Simply login via our website.

I did not understand the common terms in my benefits works.

To be sure and certain of your plan cover, you must always get back and read your Table of Benefits in conjunction with your Benefit Guide, to find full details of the cover applicable to you and your family members, including definitions and/or exclusions applicable to your plan.

However, we list below some of the most common benefits available under our standard Healthcare Plans.

You can access your Table of Benefits and Benefit Guide via TBD Care app. Or Simply login via TBD Care website.

  1. In-patient treatment

In-patient refers to treatment received in a medical provider where an overnight stay is medically required.

  1. Day-care treatment

Day-care is planned treatment received in medical provider facility during the day, including a hospital room and/or nursing, that does not medically require the patient to stay overnight and where a discharge report/note is issued.

Please be aware that any endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy or colonoscopy are covered under the “Day-care” benefit, except if they are done for routine health check purposes – in that case, they will be covered under the relevant benefit included in your Out-patient Plan, if this is included in your policy.

  1. Out-patient treatment

Out-patient refers to treatment provided in the practice or surgery of a medical practitioner, therapist or specialist that does not require the patient to be admitted to provider facilities. As any regular doctor visits and laboratory tests that do not require overnight stay are considered out-patient treatment.

  1. Dental treatment

Dental treatment includes a check-up, simple fillings related to cavities or decay, root canal treatment and dental prescription drugs.

I did not understand the limits of my benefits.

Your cover may be subject to a maximum plan benefit (which applies to certain plans). This is the maximum we will pay in total for all benefits included in the plan per member, per Cover Year.

If your care plan has a maximum plan benefit, it will apply even where:

  • The term “Full refund” appears next to the benefit
  • A specific benefit limit applies – this is when the benefit is capped to a specific amount

Benefit limits may be provided on a “per Cover Year” basis, on a “per lifetime” basis or on a “per event” basis (such as per trip, per visit or per pregnancy), subject to the agreement.

All limits are per member and per Cover Year unless your Table of Benefits states otherwise. Some plans and benefits may also be subject to co-payments. Your Table of Benefits will show whether this applies to your plan.

What is a co-payment?

A co-payment is when you pay a percentage of the treatment costs. These apply per person, per Cover Year, unless your Table of Benefits states otherwise. Some plans may include a maximum co-payment per member, per Cover Year and, if so, the amount will be capped at the figure stated in your Table of Benefits. Co-payments may apply individually to the Core, Out-patient, Dental or other Plans, or to a combination of these plans.

Treatment Queries.

What hospital or doctors can I get treated by?

Under our plans, normally our covered members are free to choose the medical provider they prefer, as far as this is within their selected area of cover.

However, different arrangements may apply depending on the type of plan available to you: for example, your policy may be linked to the use of a specific medical provider network preferred by your employer. Please check your Table of Benefits and your Policy Certificate to confirm if any medical network applies to your policy. If your plan is linked to a specific medical network, you will find an updated list of medical providers included in your network within your Membership Pack.

If your policy is not linked to the use of a medical network, then you can choose the medical provider that you prefer.

In this case, if you need help locating a provider in your area, you can use our medical Provider Finder search tool available via TBD Care E-Health Services. As It will allow you to search for hospitals, clinics, and specialists on regional basis, with the ability to narrow down the search to specific countries and cities.

You are not restricted to using the providers listed in our medical network only as we are able to develop wider network based on recommendations from you.

What should I do in an emergency?

Get the emergency treatment you need and call us if any advice or additional support needed.

Where possible you, your doctor or one of your family members should contact our 24/7 Client Services within 48 hours of the emergency, to inform us of the hospitalization. Pre-authorization Form details can be taken over the phone when you call us.

We totally understand that every minute counts when it comes to a human life saving, so our quick actions and responses would be helpful, as we promise.

How is an evacuation or repatriation can be arranged?

At the first indication that a medical evacuation or repatriation is needed, please call our 24/7 Client Services and we will handle and take care of everything.

Given the urgency of an evacuation or repatriation, we would advise that you call TBD Care helpline directly; however, you can also contact us by email. When emailing, please include “Urgent –Evacuation or Repatriation” in the email subject line.

Please contact us before contacting any alternative providers, even if approached by them, to avoid potentially inflated charges or unnecessary delay in the evacuation procedure. In case that evacuation or repatriation services are not organized by TBD Care, we reserve the right to decline all costs incurred accordingly.

Our emergency assistance service is available 24/7, 365 days a year by calling our Client Services.



How do I claim for medical expenses that I have already paid for?




Receive the required treatment from your preferred medical provider(non-network) and pay for it

Get the invoice of your treatment from the medical provider

Submit your claim easily with TBD Care mobile app

We will process your claim within 48hrs.

You can also claim your treatment costs by completing and submitting a Claim Form, download here.

Please send the Claim Form and all supporting documentation, invoices, prescriptions, and receipts to us by email, or post to the details provided on the form bottom.

Please note that you must submit your claims within the claiming deadline (6 months from the treatment date).

I submitted a claim, and I did not receive any payment or updates up to now

We can process a claim and issue payment within 5 working days if you submit all required information. However, if your claim is still pending after this period or you have not received any update, you can check the status of your claims by logging in to your TBD Care account, via browser or via app.

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