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We totally understand that excessive or inappropriate medical treatment can be potentially detrimental to patients as well as costly for individuals and employers alike, For this reason, with the help of a team of the leading specialists in the field of claim processing, an integrated medical team and an advanced cloud-based software that allows monitoring and processing all operations moment by moment, it will be nearly impossible to abuse the benefits granted to members, either by duplicating the medical procedure or by imposing unnecessary procedures in order to increase the claim values, and taking into account quality and cost standards are within applicable according to the geographical area.

  • So that the member’s record is accessible from one health care provider to another without the need for re-analyzes required, and according to our experience, it will be easy to avoid up to 45% of the total costs that are usually paid, especially when the client is from institutions, companies, and government agencies.
    Also, controlling forgery and manipulation does not stop at the validity of the submitted papers, but extends to verify the existence of the medical logic in the claim, with the help of our specialized medical team, the required stay period in the hospital can be determined, for example, and not to bid for the purposes of increasing the value, as our specialist fraud detection unit is responsible for monitoring and reporting suspected fraudulent activity, ensures that cases are detected early, and losses are minimized.

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