Introducing TBD Care”

TBD Care is a health services company for individuals, families and employers based on third party administration and provision of medical coverage locally and internationally. The company was founded in 2020 with a combination of decades of healthcare experience. And with the help of the latest technologies in field of e-health and digital services to the maximum possible use.

TBD Care also enjoys long-standing partnerships with an elite of the best medical service providers, ground ambulance services, air ambulance and other medical centers.

Our Mission Is Making a Better Healthy Life.

We deeply commit to improve the heath environment around us as every day, we help families, individuals and employers easily dive into the complex healthcare system and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision: Driving transformation in healthcare provision to achieve a better quality of life

We are rewriting the rulebook of health management metrics. We build health maps that are more complete, clear, and easy to move through. We drive transformation and innovation in healthcare. We simplify procedures and help you navigate the complex healthcare system. As you see, we are not just a healthcare firm, we are your reliable companion.

Our Values:


All our employees are committed to the principle of integrity as a standard for success and excellence. We believe that the only way to achieve our goals is to raise the quality of our services and deliver them in the proper manner to our clients. So, there is no other straightforward way to achieve success.


We believe that a person’s life is highly important, regardless of color, race, or religion.

“Whoever revives a soul is as if he revives all people”


We fully understand that we are dealing here with a human life and not a product to make profits. It is true that following the regulations is one of the principles of professionalism at work, but we must imagine and live the difficult experience of the patient and the daily life of his\her loved ones who are waiting for his\her return home safely impatiently.


We designed every inch within our working units to be ready of any sudden changes or upgrades with unlimitedly flexible system, which allow us to tailormade any solution suitable for your needs.


We strive to achieve the greatest possible benefit from modern technologies and keep pace with them to facilitate and develop the health system and innovate unique solutions to revolutionize healthcare.


our Medical Team.

TBD has an integrated medical team capable of understanding all local and international needs with considerations of cost and quality and achieving a balance between them.

Our medical team, driven by its previous experience, can direct patients to the best possible care within our global network and provide more than one medical opinion when needed.

Our team deals with pre-approval cases rapidly, so you do not have to wait for long, thanks to the integrated cloud system and its instantaneous updates, which enables us to connect the medical provider with our team 24/7

Your Health Starts Here

24/7 Client support

Or free call: 0800 150 150

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“A massage from our Medical Team”
We are here and we will always be if almighty Allah wells.
Our role is not limited to directing you to the provider, but we will be present to follow every medical event that concerns you and your family to ensure the highest possible quality of services within the best provider or doctor in the field of your health need locally and internationally.
We are here to answer all your questions and provide advice and guidance

Dr. Wesam Salama

Head Of Medical Team

Driving transformation in healthcare provision

As we are listening to our clients’ feedback; we continuously learn and act to improve the experience we provide.

0800 150 150

Al-Shat road- Sooq Al-Juma Tripoli-Libya